Telluride WoW Festival

WOW Festival Telluride

The Telluride WOW Festival is a health, fitness and wellness event that brings world-class presenters, instructors and athletes to Telluride to lecture and hold fitness classes on the latest health, fitness, wellness, nutrition and medical trends.

You’ll get to exercise more than just your body. WOW has been called “a weekend-long TED Talk for the fitness industry.” If you’ve ever wanted to chase your CrossFit workout or dance cardio class with a Q&A session with a sports psychologist or professional trainer, WOW has you covered. It’s filled with in-depth Behavioral Learning sessions, so your mind will get a bootcamp, too. You’ll also get to create a customized program based on your needs and goals. But sign up now: WOW likes to keep things intimate and only accepts a limited number of guests.

June 6th – June 9th 2019
10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Telluride and Mountain Village